Fri3d Camp 18-20 augustus 2018


The ticket shop is closed

Tickets are completely sold out.

Admission Prices

€ 7 baby (up to 3yo)
€ 17 toddler (up to 6yo)
€ 37 child (up to 12yo)
€ 73 youngster/student (up to 24yo)
€ 137 standard ticket
€ 157 luxury ticket

Without volunteering shift

€ 317 business ticket

With invoice

If everyone older than 16 years takes on a 3 hour shift (bartending, helping with the barbecue,…), all of the work will be done. There is a slight price increase for not taking on a volunteering shift (the luxury ticket).

Participants below the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This camp is not intended for unsupervised children.

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