Fri3d Camp 18-20 augustus 2018


Your ticket grants you two hot meals, on saturday and sunday night, because it is pleasant to eat togehter. Just as last time we arrange these meals for everyone, included in the ticketprice, to make sure everybody gets provided sufficient sugars, proteins and fats.

As a snack you may also pick up some free fruit at the bar (currently subject to change).

For the other meals we ask you to be self-sufficient. Don't forget to pack a stack of fruit, snacks, bread, spread, etc.

There is a Delhaize Proxy supermarket near De Kluis where you could drop in for groceries, even on sundaymorning.

At the bar you can continuously find a chill drink (We have Mate and a variety of special sodas), a pintje or a stronger beer, or even a healthy en energetic snack. We also serve 24/3 free coffe, for the productive types.

If you would like a strong one at the campfire, you need to bring you won bottle. The soda, straws and lime that should go with the whisky, rum or wodka, those are on us.