Fri3d Camp 18-20 augustus 2018

Be Excellent to each other!

‘Be excellent to each other’ is the Fri3d Camp motto. What does this mean? What are the do’s en don’ts at Fri3d Camp?

This code of conduct is meant for everyone; all participants of Fri3d Camp, workshop organisers, speakers and members of the orga-team. This code is not meant to slap people on the wrist, but to make sure everyone at Fri3d Camp has a great experience.

Go for low impact🌱

Be responsible 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Be respectful 🙌

Be helpful 👏

What happens when the code of conduct is not followed?

The orga-team is strict on behaviour, yet mild for people. Excluding someone from the camp is only a last resort. The orga-team will at first always try to defuse situations, remind people of the code of conduct, etc. to change behaviour. There is a neutral mediator , to help solve conflicts and friction and to improve cohesion on camp.

However, in case of repeated or very serious offenses that severely hinder other participants, a person can be removed from the campsite and denied access, without reimbursement of tickets or other expenses.